Fun Ways to Help Fido Stay Cool This Summer

Fido is certainly adorable when he is running and playing in the sun. Heat can be tough on your four-legged buddy, however, so you’ll want to take extra care with your pooch in summer. Read on for some tips from a Chattanooga, TN vet on helping your canine pal beat the heat.

Kiddie Pool

Does your pup love the water? Get Fido a kiddie pool to splash around in. This can make for some really cute photos!

Cool Snack

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a cold snack, such as ice cream. You can find doggy ice cream in many pet stores or grocery markets. You can also make your own. Just be sure to use only dog-safe ingredients, such as plain yogurt, pureed pumpkin, and natural peanut butter. Pupsicles are another great option. Put some chew sticks or pieces of meat or kibble in waxed paper cups, pour water or sodium-free broth over them, and freeze. Instant tail wags!

Splash N’ Play

Many of our furry friends absolutely love playing in the spray from a hose. Let Fido help you water your garden. You can also let your pup play in the water from a sprinkler.

Summer Style

Some of our canine buddies are much more comfortable in summer with a cool haircut. Talk to your vet first, however. Some dogs shouldn’t be clipped, as it can damage their fur.

Puppy Luxury Bed

Get a hammock bed for Fido to enjoy in summer. These are great for outdoors, as they are easy to hose down. They’re also cooler than regular beds, because air can move beneath them.


Some dogs absolutely love the water! If Fido enjoys swimming, take him to your favorite swimming hole. Just be sure to put your pet’s safety first. Never leave a dog unattended by water, even for just a moment. Also, avoid taking your furry friend anywhere with heavy wakes, steep drop-offs, riptides, or strong currents. Ask your vet for more information.


Make sure your four-legged pal always has water and shade. Fido may enjoy a pet fountain or an automated waterer. We also recommend keeping your canine companion cool and comfy indoors during the hottest parts of the day.

Please reach out to us, your Chattanooga, TN vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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